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Webinar: Dr. Siokis from Sanofi: An agent-based simulation platform studying the immunological synapse dynamics

From: Rebecca Baillie <rbaillie>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2021 20:17:44 +0000

An agent-based simulation platform studying the immunological synapse dynam=
Anastasios Siokis, PhD, Postdoc in Translational Disease Modeling, Sanofi, =
June 9, 2021
12:00-1:00 PM EDT

Registration (Free):
Abstract: During immunological synapse (IS) formation, T cell receptor (TCR=
) signaling complexes, integrins, as well as costimulatory and inhibitory m=
olecules exhibit characteristic spatial localization. The IS is built aroun=
d a TCR-peptide-major histocompatibility complex (pMHC) core, and is surrou=
nded by an integrin ring (Monks, et al., 1998). Small immunoglobulin superf=
amily (sIGSF) adhesion complexes form a corolla of microdomains outside the=
 integrin ring, which is shown to recruit and retain the major costimulator=
y and checkpoint complexes that regulate the responses to TCR engagement (D=
emetriou, et al., 2020). The positioning of these molecules drives T cell s=
ignaling and fate decision, making forces that govern IS formation of parti=
cular interest.
To gain insights into the mechanisms underlying molecular reorganization an=
d characteristic pattern formation during IS formation, we developed a gene=
ral agent-based simulation platform able to test different hypotheses. The =
simulations identify several key biological interactions.
This work establishes a general simulation framework that can recapitulate =
complex pattern formation processes observed in cell-bilayer and cell-cell =
interfaces. The presented results have implications for the understanding o=
f T cell activation and fate decision

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