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IntiQuan MIDD Webinar Series Module 2 is open for (free) registration

From: Henning Schmidt <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 2021 07:07:48 +0200

Dear all,

Module 2 of the webinar series on *"Efficient Support of Model Informed
Drug Development (MIDD) in R" *is now open for registration.


*More information:*

Module 2 is split in 4 occasions, focusing on the following topics:

   - M2.1: Single general dataset format
      - Used for NONMEM, MONOLIX, and NLMIXR - no manual recoding required
      - Containing metadata allowing to easily generate report ready
      statistical summaries and graphics that any analyst would like to see for
      any project
   - M2.2: Basic NLME PK, PKPD, and ER modeling
      - Definition of a user friendly, powerful, flexible workflow
      description of NLME parameter estimation tasks
      - Workflow is independent of NONMEM, MONOLIX, etc. - it simply allows
      to describe what you want to do
      - Execution in the parameter estimation tool of choice (right tool
      for the right task) behind the scenes.
      - Automatic post processing of estimation results in report ready
      format - providing all the key tables and plots automatically --- rather
      than having to manually post process all results.
      - Many examples will be given that can be directly applied in real
      life projects.
      - Comprehensive PK model library provided simplifies getting started
      as well
   - M2.3: Advanced NLME PK, PKPD modeling
      - Some more complex examples
      - VPCs, pcVPCs, bootstraps, covariate analysis in the aera of EM
      estimation methods
      - Full workflow examples - showing how full modeling projects can be
      scripted from the beginning to the end - considerably improving
      reproducibility, compliance, handling data updates at a late
project stage,
   - M2.4: Exposure-Response models
      - Considering both NLME based modeling (continuous observations) and
      R based modeling (categorical observations)
      - Focus again is on a smooth transition from available data in a
      standard format to executed models with the right diagnostics
and a minimum
      of manual post-processing.

In order to get most out of Module 2 it is suggested that you have
previously participated in Module 1.1. For those who missed Module 1.1, the
recording is available from the link below.

   - *Structural models: *

Other parts of Module 1 are available as well - but their knowledge is not
necessary for Module 2:

   - *Simulation: *
   - *Parameter sampling: *
   - *Population simulation: *not yet available

Best wishes,
Henning on behalf of the IntiQuan Team


Henning Schmidt, PhD
Managing Director

IntiQuan GmbH
Elisabethenstrasse 23 [see map] <>
4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 76 603 28 06

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