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AstraZeneca Senior Clinical Pharmacometrician to Gothenburg

From: Rekic, Dinko <dinko.rekic>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 10:48:31 +0000

Dear Colleagues,

We have another opening for a senior Pharmacometrician in Gothenburg, Swede=
n. Please see link and text below for more information.

Kind regards
Dinko Rekic

Essential in the role:

  * PhD or equivalent (M.Sc. or Pharm.D.) with at least 3-5 years' experi=
ence in quantitative modelling , e.g. knowledge in mathematics and statisti=
cs applied to life sciences.
  * Experience in combined industry and/or Regulatory postdoctorial exper=
ience in the field of quantitative modelling.
  * Strong background in, and an understanding of clinical pharmacology a=
spects of drug development, preferably in both a small and large molecule s=
  * Good knowledge of pharmacokinetics, PKPD and its clinical application=
  * Biological understanding of disease and drug action.
Desirable in the role:

  * Track record in creating and delivering on MIDD strategies in clinica=
l drug development programs for both small and large molecules.
  * Recognized scientific expertise demonstrated by scientific publishing=
 in the field of clinical pharmacology.
  * Early or late phase clinical development experience.

We truly believe that everyone contributes with a unique set of competence.=
 Your curiosity and passion for personal development combined with support =
from colleagues, mentors and leaders, will ensure you maximise your skills,=
 abilities and contribution. You have a real passion for your subject, alon=
g with a collaborative nature and ability to work in multi-disciplinary glo=
bal teams.


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