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RE: Update installation of NONMEM7.5 on macOS Big Sur with Silicon M1 CPU

From: Bauer, Robert <Robert.Bauer>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2021 14:44:23 +0000

Thanks for working this out. I will add this to the readme file in the MACOSX folder on the nonmem FTP site.

Meanwhile, I am puzzled as to why the appropriate finish* file was not located by the SETUP75 script.

Can you please execute the attached script on your machine:

source fintest

and let me know what result is echoed back. It should be util/finish_Darwin_gfortran

for MACOSX. Perhaps for M1 there is a different os identification.

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From: Heine, Rob ter <R.terHeine>
Sent: Thursday, May 6, 2021 9:38 AM
To: nmusers; Bauer, Robert <Robert.Bauer
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Update installation of NONMEM7.5 on macOS Big Sur with Silicon M1 CPU

Hi all,

Last days I have been struggling with installation of nonmem 7.5 on my M1 Mac on Macos Big Sur 11.3 on MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020). It is now up and running. For those struggling with the same, below is how I got it to work for my situation 😊.

  1. I installed Xcode and command line tools
  2. GNU Fortran (GCC) 11.0.0 as available on<> does not work. It gives compilation errors. It may be fixed somewhere in the future but there are other ways (see below). It took some time to figure this out. Thank you for troubleshooting,
  3. I therefore deleted GFortran 11 and installed Gfortran 10 for ARM using homebrew. I first installed homebrew as instructed on<> and then used the command “brew install gfortran” to get the latest working version. While I was at it, I also installed the latest Perl version.
  4. I followed the instructions<> and downloaded the different files.
  5. I changed the setup75std and removed the -m64 and -march references from Setup75std installation script
  6. I changed the name of the finish_Darwin_gfortran file to finish and placed in an empty directory where I wanted to install nonmem (in my case $HOME/nm750), which was required as this did not succeed automatically from the installation script.
  7. I executed the “export PATH=/usr/local/gfortran/bin:$PATH” command from the MACOS installation instructions
  8. I compiled nonmem using the command “sudo /bin/bash Setup75std $HOME/Downloads/nm750CD $HOME/nm750 gfortran”


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