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ISoP Mentorship Program (IMP)

From: Bihorel, Sihem <sihem.bihorel>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 18:05:38 +0000

Dear All,

The ISoP Education Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the ISoP =
Mentorship Program (IMP).
The IMP aims to connect mentees at various stages of their Pharmacometrics =
(PMx) career with mentors via matching criteria. If you are looking to tran=
sition into the PMx field or move to a different role/area within PMx or ex=
pand on your skillset, a mentor can help you.
If you are interested in applying as a Mentor or Mentee with the IMP, pleas=
e complete the forms:

  * Mentors:
  * Mentees:

The requirements for applicants are:

  * Mentors and Mentees must be ISoP members.
  * Mentors should commit to a one hour mentorship session per month.
  * Mentoring sessions may last for as long as needed by mentees to achie=
ve their goals.
  * Mentors and Mentees will have to provide feedback to the ISoP Educati=
on Committee via surveys and/or testimonials
  * Mentors names will be published in the end of the year ISoP Newslette=
r special issue.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ISoP Education Committee at isopeduca=
Do not miss this outstanding opportunity. Apply to join the IMP today and s=
tart your journey towards achieving your career goals!


Sihem Bihorel & Gauri Rao, ISoP Education Committee Co-chairs.
(On behalf of all members of the IMP working group)

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