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Manchester PBPK

From: Hitesh Mistry <hitesh.mistry>
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2021 13:53:21 +0000

Hello NONMEM users,

We (Nicola Melillo and Hitesh Mistry) would like to introduce a Shiny PBPK =
app entitled, "Manchester PBPK", which can be used for exploring mean botto=
m up PK simulations in different species. The code is kept simple and it is=
 open-source (, so that one=
 can easily view all the equations and how they link together to generate c=
oncentration time-profiles in different organs. It can be used for teaching=
 but also to simply explore a new compound for which only in-vitro data is =

The code/model will be further developed based on feedback we receive over =
time. If others want to edit/develop aspects please feel free to do so.

Hitesh Mistry (Division of Pharmacy, Division of Cancer Sciences, Universit=
y of Manchester)
Nicola Melillo (ex-Division of Pharmacy, University of Manchester)

Received on Mon Aug 02 2021 - 09:53:21 EDT

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