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Postdoc position in modeling and machine learning for clinical oncology

From: Sebastien Benzekry <sebastien.benzekry>
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 11:07:55 +0200

Dear colleagues,
Our newly created group COMPO (COMPutational pharmacology in clinical Oncol=
ogy, Marseille, France) is seeking a highly motivated individual with skills=
 in quantitative modeling, pharmacometrics and data science for a postdoc po=
sition on a very exciting project dealing with modeling high-dimensional, lo=
ngitudinal and biologically meaningful data of response to immune-checkpoint=
 inhibition in lung cancer treatment.
Details are given below and on the online application website at the follow=
ing link:
Please do not hesitate to forward to any interested person and contact me f=
or further details and application.
The postdoc position will take place in the environment of a newly created =
Inria-Inserm team COMPO
(COMputational Pharmacology in Oncology), located in the University Hospita=
l of Marseille. This team is composed of mathematicians, pharmacists and cli=
nicians and is a unique multidisciplinary environment focused on developing =
novel computational tools for decision- making in clinical oncology.

Specifically, the project is funded by the french National Cancer Institute=
 (INCa) and will consist in developing mechanistic models of the response to=
 immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) with access to unique, large-scale (~450=
 patients), longitudinal and multi-modal biological data generated by the PI=
ONeeR consortium clinical study (RHU program). It will involve strong intera=
ctions with clinicians from APHM and biologists, from academy (CIML and CRCM=
 in Marseille) as well as biotech start-ups (e.g. HalioDX) and pharma compan=
ies (InnatePharma, Imcheck therapeutics).

Participation to major international conferences (e.g. AACR, ASCO) will be =
With the help of experts in mathematical modeling in oncology, clinical pha=
rmacology and clinical oncology, the recruited person will be in charge to d=
evelop and validate biologically-based models of the response to ICI in non-=
small cell lung cancer. To this end, large data sets containing multi-modal =
longitudinal data from immuno-histochemistry, imaging, pharmacokinetics, imm=
unoprofiling, soluble biomarkers and sequencing data (including circulating =
DNA) will be used. The models will be based on the current knowledge in the =
field of immuno-oncology. Advanced statistical learning methods combining ma=
chine learning techniques and mixed-effect models will be employed for calib=
ration of the models and confrontation with the data.
For a better knowledge of the proposed research subject : 
See the website of the PIONEER project:
he- pioneer-project/ recrutement.
For relevant previous publications, see: http://benzekry.perso.math.cnrs.f=

Collaboration :
The recruited person will work under the supervision of S. Benzekry and wil=
l collaborate with pharmacists and pharmacometricians (Pr J. Ciccolini, COMP=
O), biotech companies (HalioDX), as well as clinical oncologists from thorac=
ic oncology (Pr L. Greillier, AP-HM, Marseille).
Main activities:
• Review of the biological and clinical literature (immuno-oncology)
• Data analysis and visualization
• Mechanistic modeling
• Programming
• Model calibration
• Statistical learning
• Development of predictive tools
Technical skills and level researched :
• Excellent programing skills (python, R or Matlab)
• Familiarity with real-world data analysis
• Statistics (ideally, experience in mixed-effects modeling)
• Mechanistic modeling (differential equations)
• Basic knowledge of cancer biology or medicine a plus
Languages :
Proficient in English.
Good relational skills and ability to work and communicate in an interdisci=
plinary environment are required.
• Subsidized meals
• Partial reimbursement of public transport costs
• Leave: 7 weeks of annual leave + 10 extra days off due to RTT (statutor=
y reduction in working hours) + possibility of exceptional leave (sick child=
ren, moving home, etc.)
• Possibility of teleworking (after 6 months of employment) and flexible =
organization of working hours
• Professional equipment available (videoconferencing, loan of computer e=
quipment, etc.)
• Social, cultural and sports events and activities
• Access to vocational training
• Social security coverage
Gross Salary: 2653 € per month
Sebastien Benzekry, PhD
Head of the Inria-Inserm team COMPO

(image/png attachment: image001.png)

Received on Wed Sep 09 2020 - 05:07:55 EDT

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