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Stacey Tannenbaum: Making the 'Moster' of Your Poster Webinar tomorrow

From: Rebecca Baillie <rbaillie>
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2020 16:35:19 +0000

Making the 'Moster' of Your Poster
Stacey Tannenbaum, PhD, FISoP
Senior Director, Pharmacometrics US Clinical Pharmacology and Exploratory D=
evelopment, Astellas Pharma, Northbrook, IL
September 9, 2020
12:00-1:00 PM EDT
Register for free at
An excerpt from a nightmare: I walk into a giant hotel ballroom, with the a=
ir conditioning either off or at subzero temperatures. Before me stretches =
row after (endless) row of dense text in small font, lengthy tables, detail=
ed equations, technobabble, and busy graphs, which I am expected to fully a=
bsorb while being constantly bumped into and distracted by the buzz of 300 =
conversations. Students in crisp suits stand in front of their posters, ten=
tatively smiling in desperate hope that I will stop by and listen to their =
15 minute detailed walk through. But I still have to eat lunch and visit a =
few exhibitors and network during this limited time. And the coffee urn is =
down to the dregs, and they are out of Splenda! NOOOO!
It's no wonder that poster sessions are something I generally dread! But I =
also know poster sessions can provide exciting science, innovative ideas, c=
ollaboration opportunities, productive conversations, and a fantastic oppor=
tunity to learn and engage. In this webinar, I will share tips on preparing=
, perfecting, presenting, and pitching a perfect poster. Guidelines on how =
to streamline your poster content and crisply focus the messaging will be p=
resented, along with good layout and graphics principles that will make you=
r poster stand out in the crowd. We will discuss how to manage the various =
types of poster visitors (like "The Browser," "The Lurker," and "The Never =
Ending Questioner") so you maximize your exposure and focus on the best col=
laboration opportunities. And in today's environment where virtual or "e-po=
ster" presentations will become more common, we will learn how to prepare a=
 succinct but high impact summary presentation using good scientific commun=
ication practices.

Please help me turn my poster session nightmare into a dream by joining me =
for this webinar, and share your own stories, tips, tricks, and strategies =
for making the 'moster' ... of your poster!

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