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ISAMPLE in SAEM algorithm with ETASAMPLES=1

From: Tingjie Guo <iam>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 23:05:24 +0200

Dear all,

I'm using SAEM algorithm with option ETASAMPLES=1 ISAMPLE=10 EONLY=1 to draw random eta samples from individual posteriors, according to the NONMEM user guide. However, I realized that ISAMPLE can not be larger than 10 otherwise NONMEM will generate only two samples per individual as if ISAMPLE=2. I was wondering if there's way if I wish to have for instance 50 ISAMPLES?

Additionally, in the example from the NONMEM user guide of using ETASAMPLES=1 EONLY=1, NBURN is set to 200. From my understanding, for such purpose, SAEM uses parameter estimates from previous $EST step and only draws random samples around them and there's no maximization step. I guess NBURN=1 would be sufficient?

Any comment is appreciated!

Warm regards,
Tingjie Guo

Received on Wed Oct 07 2020 - 17:05:24 EDT

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