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MSc, Model-based Drug Development, The University of Manchester, Manchester UK

From: Kayode Ogungbenro <Kayode.Ogungbenro>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2020 13:11:35 +0000

We are still accepting applications for September 2020 start on our MSc in =
Model-based Drug Development programme. Our MSc focuses on the modelling a=
nd simulation skills that are currently transforming the drug development i=
ndustry. The course has been developed with an emphasis on mechanistic appr=
oaches to assessing and predicting pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (P=
KPD), such as physiologically-based pharmacokinetics (PBPK). Full-time stud=
ents benefit from immersion in the varied biomedical research environment a=
t The University of Manchester, including interaction with research staff a=
t the renowned Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research.

We require an UG honours degree (minimum Lower Second or equivalent) from a=
 reputable internationally-recognised institution. You will qualify as a m=
odeller with key skills in computational approaches in pharmacokinetics and=
 pharmacodynamics. Some of our modules include Introduction to Basic Pharma=
cokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, In-vito-In-vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) in A=
DME, Physiologically- based Pharmacokinetic Modelling, Advanced topics (in=
cluding modelling of absorption) in PBPK, Data Analysis in Pharmacokinetics=
 and Pharmacodynamics and Research project.

The aim of the course is to provide specialist knowledge and skills that ar=
e highly relevant for a career linked to drug development and pharmaceutica=
l industry. On the course you will develop and acquire experience of using =
different software platforms related to pharmacometric data analysis includ=
ing R, Phoenix, NONMEM, MATLAB, Simcyp, and MONOLIX. The course emphasises =
the development of problem-solving skills. A large portion of the learning =
involves structured problems requiring you to apply theory and practical sk=
ills to solve typical problems that arise in drug development.

Our distance learning option is ideal for scientists linked to the pharmace=
utical industry who wish to expand their expertise while working in the ind=
ustry. It is also possible to take certain modules/units on the programme a=
s a standalone, CPD type course in 6weeks for 15 credit or 12weeks for 30cr=
edits modules/units.

For more information please visit our website
Kayode Ogungbenro, PhD
Lecturer in Cancer Pharmacometrics | Division of Pharmacy and Optometry | S=
chool of Health Sciences
The University of Manchester | Manchester M13 9PT | United Kingdom
Tel: +441612752399
Email: kayode.ogungbenro>

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