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PhD and post-doctoral positions in Translational Pharmacology (UCL - CNR)

From: D'Agate, Salvatore <s.d'agate>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2020 11:39:25 +0000

Project title: Characterisation of PKPD relationships and dose rationale fo=
r anti-tubercular drugs in humans.

Background: Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death by an infectious dis=
ease worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estima=
ted 10 million people became ill with tuberculosis in 2018, and 2 million d=
ied. Standard tuberculosis treatment is based on a combination regimen of =
four drugs that were all developed more than 60 years ago. Treatment lasts =
for at least six months and, in the case of resistance to the standard drug=
s, can be as long as two years. The current drugs are inefficient by today'=
s standards and a new, faster-acting and safer treatment is required to red=
uce the length of therapy and to overcome the threat of drug-resistant stra=
ins. Until now, the development of new drugs has been slow and their incorp=
oration into tuberculosis treatment regimens conducted in a sequential mann=

While pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic concepts and advanced quantitative cl=
inical pharmacology principles have been integrated into the clinical devel=
opment of compounds across many therapeutic areas, human dose prediction an=
d early clinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of candidate molecul=
es for tuberculosis remains empirical. Innovative approaches are required t=
o enable effective translation of nonclinical data, providing insight into =
the selection of rational combinations and optimised clinical trial designs=

A PhD fellowship and a post-doctoral research fellow position in translatio=
nal clinical pharmacology have been created to support the activities of an=
 ambitious consortium including European and global organisations responsib=
le for the development and evaluation of novel candidate molecules for the =
treatment of tuberculosis. The primary objective of the research programme=
 will be to establish the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PKPD) properties=
 of drug candidates progressing into clinical development. Different approa=
ches will be applied to ensure 1) the systematic translation of pharmacokin=
etic and PKPD concepts from in vitro and in vivo systems to humans and 2) o=
ptimisation of clinical study protocols (e.g. first-time-in-human and early=
 bactericidal activity).

Required skills: In addition to enthusiasm, motivation and independent thin=
king, candidates must have working knowledge of pharmacokinetic-pharmacodyn=
amic modelling and simulation, including some advanced statistical principl=
es (nonlinear mixed effects modelling, Bayesian statistics, clinical trial =
simulations). Strong programming skills in R language, RStudio and NONMEM a=
re essential.

Willingness to learn and integrate knowledge from across different therapeu=
tic areas. Behavioural attributes such as teamwork, accurate listening, str=
ategic thinking, along with very good oral and written English language ski=
lls will be critical for the successful implementation of the project.

PhD fellowship: Candidates with a background in Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sc=
iences, Biomedical Sciences or Bioengineering are encouraged to apply, espe=
cially those with a MSc/MRes thesis or equivalent research experience in PK=
PD modelling and simulation.

Post-doctoral research fellow: Candidates should have completed or obtained=
 a PhD in a relevant discipline (quantitative clinical pharmacology, pharma=
cometrics, population pharmacokinetics, PKPD modelling, PBPK modelling), an=
d have published their research in a peer reviewed journal.

The successful candidates will be co-located with the modelling team at the=
 CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) in Rome, Italy.

Applicants for the PhD fellowship should be nationals of a EU member state.

Further details on the application procedures can be obtained by email. Ple=
ase contact Prof O Della Pasqua (o.dellapasqua
, including a short CV.

Deadline for applications: 07th February 2020.

Kind regards,

Salvatore D'Agate
Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics
School of Life and Medical Sciences
University College London
E-mail: s.d'agate

Received on Wed Jan 29 2020 - 06:39:25 EST

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