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Position Opening at FARAD program - Contract Technical Support (part-time) or Post-Doctoral Candidate

From: huali wu <huali.wu>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2020 18:12:47 -0400


*Position Opening - Contract Technical Support (part-time) or Post-Doctoral
Candidate (analyses would be part of a larger research project)*

The FARAD Program is in need of technical support to conduct nonlinear
mixed effects modeling of compiled data with the goal of evaluating and
simulating population pharmacokinetics (PopPK).


The “Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank” (FARAD) progra=
m is a USDA
funded program that helps protect our nation's food supply by providing
scientifically-based recommendations for safe withdrawal intervals (WDIs)
of drugs and chemicals in food-producing animals to achieve safe levels,
and to prevent contaminated food from reaching consumers. The FARAD program
is the primary source of such information, and is thus of critical
importance to protecting the health and welfare of the general public.
Analyses using nonlinear mixed effects modeling and Pop(PK) support the
development of WDIs

The FARAD program is developed and managed by a university-based consortium
of highly experienced scientist currently residing within NCSU-CVM (program
lead), UC-Davis, Univ Florida, Kansas State U, and Virginia-Maryland CVM.
To learn more about the FARAD program go to:

*Applicant Requirements:*

The applicant should have demonstrated experience with nonlinear mixed
effects modeling and its application to population pharmacokinetics
(PopPK), as well as the use of one or more of the related software packages
- Phoenix Winnonlin (currently being used), NONMEM, MATLAB, R, or
comparable program.

*Level of Effort: *

The work is intermittent depending on project needs, with an estimated four
to six projects per year, each project being of varying complexity, and
requiring approximately 20-40 hours per project, with a time frame for
completion within one to two months from initial assignment.

*Compensation: *

Based on the applicant’s expertise and experience.

*Required Application Information:*

T*echnical support* *position* - application documents should include:


   Cover Letter with availability and experience directly related to PopPK
   and nonlinear MEM.

   Curriculum Vitae

*PostDoc applicant - *additional information to include:


   The cover letter should also include a statement of research interests
   (up to three pages) that succinctly describes the applicant’s re=
   accomplishments and interest, as well as the importance and potential
   impact of the research.

   Up to three representative papers.

   Names and contact information for three references.

*Send applications to (or contact for more information):* Dr. Ron Baynes;

*Related Reference: *Wu et al., J. Vet. Pharmacol. Therap., 2013; 36,

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