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Meta-Analysis for Drug Development - Nov 26th 2019, Basel, Switzerland

From: Gotta, Verena <Verena.Gotta>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:45:10 +0000

Learn the ins and outs of meta-analysis for drug development including pair=
wise, network, and model-based meta-analysis with R and Rstudio

Certara Training: Meta-Analysis for Drug Development
Tuesday, November 26th 2019, 9:00-17:00, Basel, Switzerland

Costs of the full day hands-on workshop:
- $600 USD for industry
- $300 USD for academia
**Price includes coffee and lunch
This lecture is a collaborative event organized by CERTARA and the Universi=
ty Children's Hospital Basel's department of Pediatric Pharmacology & Pharm=
acometrics. The workshop will be given by Dr. Leon Bax - Director, Certara.

Course content
This is a highly interactive and very practical one-day course. It assumes =
some working knowledge of R and Rstudio, but the hands-on sessions can be c=
ustomized on the fly to fit different levels of expertise. This one-day var=
iant of our two-day course skips the systematic review bit and dives straig=
ht into the data and the analysis.
However, we do start with providing you with some context and examples of r=
eallife applications from CERTARA's extensive track record of model-based m=
eta-analysis for strategic drug development. After participating in this co=
urse you will be able to take the provided code base to run your own meta-a=
nalysis for a variety of datasets that are typically encountered in drug de=

Contact: Ricarda.Foulk

Verena Gotta, PhD, PharmD
Senior Research Fellow
Pediatric Pharmacology & Pharmacometics Research Center

Universitäts-Kinderspital beider Basel (UKBB)
Spitalstrasse 33 | Postfach | CH-4031 Basel
T +41 61 704 12 12
F +41 61 704 12 13

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