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ACoP10: QSP and Clin Pharm Opportunities at Pfizer

From: Nucci, Gianluca <Gianluca.Nucci>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2019 21:33:26 +0000

Dear all,

Pfizer is a leader in MIDD and our Early Development team - combining world=
 leading talents in both QSP and quantitative Clinical Pharmacology - is gr=
owing in number and influence across multiple therapeutic areas and locatio=

We are looking for Clinical Pharmacology Lead as well as QSP Lead candidate=
s with different roles and levels of experience.

For more information come see CJ Musante (Cynthia.J.Musante
myself (Gianluca.Nucci

Best Wishes,

Gianluca Nucci, PhD
ECD Clinical Pharmacology Head
Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development
1 Portland St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Received on Sat Oct 19 2019 - 17:33:26 EDT

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