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How to add secondary Y-axis in RStudio?

From: Singla, Sumeet K <sumeet-singla>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:54:29 +0000


I know this is not R discussion group but since many people here use RStudi=
o for data plotting and visualization in conjunction with NONMEM, I thought=
 I might get help here. Anyone knows how to add secondary Y-axis with its o=
wn "independent" scaling? Reason I said independent is because right now I =
can add secondary Y-axis in ggplot but its scaling is dependent as a factor=
 of primary Y-axis and I don't want that. I am also using GraphPad which he=
lps in independent scaling of secondary Y-axis but the process is too long.=
 So, any options and help will be appreciated. Thank you!

Sumeet Singla
Graduate Student
Dpt. of Pharmaceutics & Translational Therapeutics
College of Pharmacy- University of Iowa

Received on Mon Mar 18 2019 - 17:54:29 EDT

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