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From: Rebecca Baillie <rbaillie>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 20:40:17 +0000

Position announcement
Associate Life Scientist and Senior Life Scientist, PhysioPD
Rosa & Co. LLC is seeking Associate and Senior Life Scientists to join our =
PhysioPD(tm) consulting practice.
Rosa is a drug-disease modeling and simulation company created to provide i=
nnovative modeling solutions to its biopharmaceutical clients and meaningfu=
l equity ownership to its employees. See<http://www.rosa=>.
Life Scientists work with Engineers in our PhysioPD practice to develop phy=
siologically-based, dynamic mathematical models and conduct simulations of =
disease, drug action, and (pre)clinical studies.
Life Scientists are responsible for:
* Data mining and interpretation to support the construction of mathe=
matical models.
* Identifying and implementing realistic laboratory and clinical test=
s for validating models, and conducting simulations of disease, drug action=
, and preclinical and clinical studies;
* Defining key issues, presenting results, and developing associated =
regulatory reports
* Leading overall projects, assisting with client relationship manage=
ment, and participating in Rosa's business management, depending on the can=
didate's experience and professional goals.
The ideal Life Scientist candidate will have:
* A post-graduate degree in clinical pharmacology, medicine, physiolo=
gy, biophysics, biochemistry, or a related field, preferably with a focus o=
n quantitative analysis;
* For Senior Life Scientists, a minimum of five (5) years of relevant=
 industry experience; for example, in pharmacology, physiology, biophysics,=
 biochemistry, or physical chemistry;
* For Senior Life Scientists, an understanding, and preferably some e=
xperience, with industry-standard dynamic modeling software such as MatLab =
SimBiology or R is ideal;
* Demonstrated ability to address complex drug development problems w=
ith an understanding of signaling pathways, homeostasis, physiological mech=
anisms, and explanatory factors;
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and ability to w=
ork independently and as part of a collaborative Rosa-client project team.
Full and part-time employment and project-based contracting opportunities a=
re available throughout the United States. Interested individuals should e=
mail their resume or CV and an introductory letter to hr
Rosa is an equal opportunity employer. Upon hiring, proof of eligibility to=
 work in the United States will be required.

Received on Fri Jul 19 2019 - 16:40:17 EDT

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