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Sign up for Pharmetheus Speed Consulting at ASCPT

From: Info Pharmetheus <info>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2019 12:25:45 +0100

Free Speed Consulting with Pharmetheus <>

This year, during the ASCPT annual meeting in Washington DC, Pharmetheus =
will offer professional pharmacometric consulting sessions (15-30 min), =
free of charge. Note that these sessions are open to everyone and =
independent of any current or future plans to use our services. =
Pharmetheus’ senior experts are available to give input on a =
wide range of pharmacometric topics, offering strategic as well as =
hands-on assistance concerning small as well as large molecules and drug =
projects in all development phases. Examples of topics below (not =
limited to):

Study/experimental design (e.g. optimal design, clinical trial =
simulations and adaptive design methodology)
Pharmacometrics methodology (e.g. covariate model building, mechanism =
based model building and model qualification)
Physiology based pharmacokinetics modelling (PBPK)
Model-informed drug development strategy
Regulatory strategy for clinical pharmacology and pharmacometric =
General drug development strategy
Pharmacometric approaches to analyse discreet data (e.g. time-to-event =
and count data)
Mechanism based PK modelling (e.g. enzyme induction/inhibition, target =
mediated drug disposition and complex absorption)
Mechanism based model building in therapeutic areas such as; =
neuroscience, haematology, diabetes, oncology, inflammation, infectious =
disease, respiratory disease and many more)
Translational modelling (e.g. pre-clinical to clinical and adult to =
paediatric populations)
Career advice for junior pharmacometricians

If you want to read more about Pharmetheus’ consultants and =
their respective competences, please visit our website =
<> =
Confidentiality agreements (CDA) will be arranged ahead of the meeting =
if deemed necessary. Just make sure to indicate this as you sign up for =
a consultancy session on our website = =
<>. The deadline for =
applications is the 5th of March and time slots will be communicated by =
8th of March. Please note that available time slots are limited and if a =
CDA is required, this may require some extra time to put in place ahead =
of the meeting. Sign up as soon as possible to give us a chance to help =
you tackle your challenges!
We look forward to hear back from you, and to see you in Washington!

The Pharmetheus Team
Pharmetheus AB

+46(0)18 513 328 <>
Uppsala Science Park
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 36b, 2 tr
75237 Uppsala, Sweden

Received on Thu Feb 28 2019 - 06:25:45 EST

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