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RE: Strange PRED prediction in SAEM with M3 BQL handling

From: Bauer, Robert <Robert.Bauer>
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 15:44:45 +0000

Normally, the NONMEM reserved variable PRED will be automatically calculated for the user when the data is the typical normally distributed type. However, when data are modeled with a user specified likelihood (F_FLAG>0), the PRED value will be set to an uninformative value. To get around this,

In $ERROR block, right after you define IPRED, insert


and add PREDV as one of your table items. During COMACT=1, your model will be evaluated at ETA=0, and you can use that to pick out IPRED evaluated at ETA=0, which is equivalent to the normal meaning of PRED.

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Subject: [NMusers] Strange PRED prediction in SAEM with M3 BQL handling

Dear all,

I am running SAEM with M3 BQL handling method via PsN but having some strange PRED values in mytab table if someone can shed some light:
I have tried using FOCE (excluding BQL data) & SAEM (excluding BQL data) both have normal looking fitting with data in individual plots.
Once I have coded SAEM with M3 codes and include BQL data it showed very strange PRED vs time plots (eg. 100 times over prediction at BQL time point). IPRED had normal results.

Here are the control stream that I have used:




 K23=Q/V2 ;Distribution rate constant
K32=Q/V3 ;Distribution rate constant


DADT(1)= -KA*A(1)
DADT(2)= -CL*A(2)/V2-K23*A(2)+K32*A(3)
DADT(3)= K23*A(2)-K32*A(3)



IF (LIMI.EQ.1) LIM= 0.05 ;BATCH 1
IF (LIMI.EQ.2) LIM= 0.01 ;BATCH 2
IF (LIMI.EQ.3) LIM= 0.025 ;BATCH 3

F_FLAG=1 ;BQL so Y is likelihood

My question is that whether there is error in my M3 $ERROR model? or whether PRED values for BQL means something else other than prediction for BQL data?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,
Andrew Tse

Research Pharmacist
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