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[NMusers] There are still some places available on the upcoming Pharmacometrics Workshop on Convolution-based modeling approach

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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019 08:13:29 +0100

There are still some places available on the upcoming Pharmacometrics
Workshop on Convolution-based modeling approach. March 11-13, 2019: Fort
Lauderdale, FL (USA)


This three-day, hands-on course provides a working knowledge of the theories
and application of the state-of-the-art convolution-based modeling approach
to characterize complex PK profiles, to establish in-vitro in-vivo
correlation (IVIVC) and to optimize ER and LAI formulation development using
the exposure-response relationship.


The course is structured in the following sections:

1. Convolution based model

* Development of convolution-based models
* Modeling single and repeated doses administration using
convolution-based approach in NONMEM
* Development of an R based simulator for convolution-based models


2. Modeling complex absorption process

* Definition and implementation in NONMEM of user defined input
functions to characterize delayed, multiple peaks and time dependent
absorption process

* Characterize the complex in-vivo absorption processes of extended
release formulations (ER) and Long Acting Injectable (LAI) formulations
using convolution-based approach


3. Implementing Level A IVIVC

* Definition of Level A IVIVC
* Implementation of a Level A IVIVC using convolution-based models in
* The concept of time-scaling
* Definition of time scaling functions for assessing IVIVC in NONMEM
* Evaluate the quality of an IVIVC model and the predictive
performances of an IVIVC model


4. Optimizing drug performances

* Definition of drug/formulation optimization strategies using
surface-response analysis, clinical trial simulation and convolution-based

* Development of an R based optimizer

* Determine the relationship between drug delivery and clinical
benefit using the outcome of an IVIVC analysis

* Determine dose, dosage regimen and dosing strategies for
optimizing the clinical benefit using the outcomes of the IVIVC analysis


Interactive and real life examples, taken from actual industry experience
using R and NONMEM will be presented and discussed in the hands-on sections
to illustrate how to deal with delayed, multiple peaks and time dependent
absorption process, how to establishing a Level A IVIVC using a
model-informed approach and how to develop optimized formulations with an
in-vivo drug release suitable to maximize the clinical benefit of a


Supportive material can be found in our recent paper published in the CPT
Pharmacometrics Syst Pharmacol. journal:

For additional information, visit our website:


Roberto Gomeni, PhD.


Longcol, 12270 La Fouillade (France)

E-mail: <> <>


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