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Come to PAGANZ 2019 in Auckland NZ - 6th-9th February

From: Nick Holford <n.holford>
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 02:47:33 +0000

We are pleased to announce that the 20th annual Population Approach Group i=
n Australia and New Zealand (PAGANZ) meeting will be held in Auckland, New =
Zealand 6th February to 9th February 2019. Registration is now open!

Please visit<https://paganz.us3.list-manage.c=
> for details and links to registration for this meeting. Registrations clo=
se 24:00 NZST on 17 December 2018. Abstract submission is due 24:00 NZST 14=
 January 2019.

This meeting is designed for scientists and clinicians working in basic or =
clinical pharmacology research, pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies,=
 and postgraduate students. The meeting combines a hands on workshop given =
by leaders in the field and a scientific meeting giving researchers the opp=
ortunity to present and discuss their own work. This is an informal meeting=
 and in the past has been very productive in helping and guiding researcher=
s in this important area of pharmacology and drug development.

PAWs Beginner Workshop (1.5 days: 7-8th February 2019): The beginners' cour=
se will introduce the theory and practice of population modelling with hand=
s on sessions with NONMEM.

PAWs Intermediate Workshop (1.5 days: 7-8th February 2019): The intermediat=
e course will provide an introduction to Target Mediated Drug Disposition a=
nd a systems biology mark up language CellML.

PAGANZ Scientific meeting (1.5 days: 8-9th February 2019): The PAGANZ meeti=
ng will include a symposium highlighting progress in the application of the=
 population approach to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics since the fir=
st PAGANZ meeting 20 years ago.

You are encouraged to submit abstracts based on work in progress or a finis=
hed project. Work in progress presentations are often interesting to everyo=
ne and can lead to useful collaborations.

We look forward to seeing you all in Auckland, February 2019.

PAGANZ Local Organising Committee
Jacqueline Hannam
Nick Holford
Brian Anderson
Sam Holford

Nick Holford, Professor Clinical Pharmacology
Dept Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, Bldg 503 Room 302A
University of Auckland,85 Park Rd,Private Bag 92019,Auckland,New Zealand
office:+64(9)923-6730 mobile:NZ+64(21)46 23 53 FR+33(6)62 32 46 72
email: n.holford
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