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[NMusers] Upcoming webinar on how to use gPKPDSim

From: Rebecca Baillie <>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 17:25:13 +0000

In Rosa's next monthly webinar on Oct 24th at 1:pm EDT, Iraj Hosseini, the =
scientist at Genentech who was one of the main drivers behind gPKPDSim, a S=
imBiology-based GUI for PKPD modeling in drug development, will demonstrate=
 his app and show others how they can use it in their research.
Register for the free webinar at:
Abstract: Modeling and simulation is increasingly used in drug development =
to characterize pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PKPD) relationships and su=
pport various efforts such as target feasibility assessment, molecule selec=
tion, human PK projection, and preclinical and clinical dose and schedule d=
While model development typically requires mathematical modeling expertise,=
 model exploration and simulations could in many cases be performed by scie=
ntists in various disciplines to support the design, analysis and interpret=
ation of experimental studies. To this end, we have developed a versatile g=
raphical user interface (GUI) application to enable easy use of any model c=
onstructed in SimBiology(r) to execute various common PKPD analyses.
The MATLAB(r)-based GUI application, called gPKPDSim, has a single screen i=
nterface and provides functionalities including simulation, data fitting (p=
arameter estimation), population simulation (exploring the impact of parame=
ter variability on the outputs of interest), and non-compartmental PK analy=
sis. Further, gPKPDSim is a user-friendly tool with capabilities including =
interactive visualization, exporting of results and generation of presentat=
ion-ready figures. gPKPDSim was designed primarily for use in preclinical a=
nd translational drug development, although broader applications exist. gPK=
PDSim is a MATLAB(r)-based open-source application and is publicly availabl=
e to download from MATLAB(r) Central(tm). We illustrate the use and feature=
s of gPKPDSim using multiple PKPD models to demonstrate the wide applicatio=
ns of this tool in pharmaceutical sciences.

Received on Thu Oct 11 2018 - 13:25:13 EDT

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