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[NMusers] PhD Studentship - Development of mechanistic models for design, analysis and interpretation of cough challenge tests, University of Manchester

From: Kayode Ogungbenro <>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018 13:29:19 +0000

(MRC DTP) Development of mechanistic models for design, analysis and interp=
retation of cough challenge tests
University of Manchester | Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health | Manche=
ster | United Kingdom

Dr K Ogungbenro, Prof L Aarons, Prof Jacky Smith
Application Deadline - Friday, November 16, 2018

Project Description
Cough is the most common reason for which medical advice is sought both at =
primary and secondary health care levels. It has been reported that the pre=
valence of cough in the UK is about 12% and an estimated amount of 2 billio=
n dollars is spent on cough and cold medications in a year in the USA. Desp=
ite the prevalence of cough, understanding of the mechanisms that lead to c=
oughing in different diseases is poorly understood; this has made drug deve=
lopment for treatment of cough even more difficult. Cough challenge test us=
ing inhalation agents such as capsaicin has been used to induce and quantif=
y cough with the aim of understanding the mechanisms that underline cough a=
nd assess efficacy of antitussive therapies. Capsaicin cough challenge test=
 has been designed and tested by a multi-disciplinary research team (lead b=
y Prof Jacky Smith) at the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Wyth=

The objective of this project is to develop mechanistic models for describi=
ng the data obtained from capsaicin cough challenge test. This model will a=
llow better interpretation of the test, provide insight into the mechanisms=
 of cough and boosts developments of antitussive therapies. It will also he=
lp to refine statistical design of the test.

Kayode Ogungbenro, PhD
Lecturer in Cancer Pharmacometrics | Division of Pharmacy and Optometry | =
School of Health Sciences
The University of Manchester | Manchester M13 9PT | United Kingdom
Tel : + 44(0)161 275 2399
Fax: +44(0)161 275 8349

Received on Fri Nov 09 2018 - 08:29:19 EST

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