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Workshop on Convolution-based modeling approach March 11-13, 2019: Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA)

From: roberto gomeni <roberto.gomeni>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 15:27:37 +0100

Workshop on Convolution-based modeling approach

March 11-13, 2019: Fort Lauderdale, FL (USA)


This three-day, hands-on course provides a working knowledge of the theories
and application of the state-of-the-art convolution-based modeling approach
to characterize complex PK profiles, to establish in-vitro in-vivo
correlation (IVIVC) and to optimize ER and LAI formulation development using
the exposure-response relationship.


The course is structured in the following sections:

1. Convolution based model

* Development of convolution-based models

* Modeling single and repeated doses administration using
convolution-based approach in NONMEM

* Development of an R based simulator for convolution-based models


2. Modeling complex absorption process

* Definition and implementation in NONMEM of typical and user
defined input function models to characterize delayed, multiple peaks and
time dependent absorption process

* Characterize the complex in-vivo absorption processes of extended
release formulations (ER) and Long Acting Injectable (LAI) formulations
using convolution-based approach


3. Implementing Level A IVIVC

* Definition of Level A IVIVC

* Implementation of a Level A IVIVC using convolution-based models

* The concept of time-scaling

* Definition of time scaling functions for assessing IVIVC in NONMEM

* Evaluate the quality of an IVIVC model and the predictive
performances of an IVIVC model


4. Optimizing drug performances

* Definition of drug/formulation optimization strategies using
surface-response analysis, clinical trial simulation and convolution-based

* Development of an R based optimizer

* Determine the relationship between drug delivery and clinical
benefit using the outcome of an IVIVC analysis

* Determine dose, dosage regimen and dosing strategies for
optimizing the clinical benefit using the outcomes of the IVIVC analysis


Interactive and real life examples, taken from actual industry experience
using R and NONMEM will be presented and discussed in the hands-on sections
to illustrate how to deal with delayed, multiple peaks and time dependent
absorption process, how to establishing a Level A IVIVC using a
model-informed approach and how to develop optimized formulations with an
in-vivo drug release suitable to maximize the clinical benefit of a


Who Should Attend?

The workshop is designed for pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacologists,
physicians and other scientists involved in drug development wishing to
learn and apply pharmacometrics as innovative decision supporting tool for
accelerating drug discovery and development.


What Will You Learn?

Upon completion of this course, you should have a solid understanding of how
to implement convolution-based models using NONMEM, how to implement IVIVC
using NONMEM, how to simulate drug exposure as a function of the modified
in-vivo delayed and time dependent drug release properties of ER and LAI
formulations using R, and how to optimize the properties of ER and LAI
formulations for maximizing the clinical benefit of a treatment.



Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, 3030 Holiday Drive, Fort
Lauderdale, FL 33316 USA


For additional information, visit our website:


Roberto Gomeni, PhD.


Longcol, 12270 La Fouillade (France)

E-mail: <mailto:roberto.gomeni
roberto.gomeni <>

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