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current sigma

From: ryota-j
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 12:03:10 +0900


I would like to know how to know current sigma values in a customized PRED
routine. In noncom.for file, it is documented that initial and final theta,
omega and sigma values are set in ROCM6, and current omega values are set in
ROCM22. However, I cannot find current sigma values.

We developed a new program which can restore numerous time-course data by
expanding the analysis of nonlinear mixed effect model. Detail of our
analysis, named SReFT, is described in recent Clin Pharm Ther
(PMID:29951994). Currently, SReFT is implemented in my own program, Napp,
but I am considering its implementation in NONMEM. For the implementation of
SReFT, it is necessary to know current sigma value in the PRED routine.

Akihiro Hisaka,
Chiba University, Japan.
email: hisaka

Received on Sun Nov 04 2018 - 22:03:10 EST

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