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From: Devin Pastoor <devin.pastoor>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 15:11:18 +0000

Ready to wow your colleagues with informative dashboards, or give the
potential to run complex analyses directly to decision makers or non
technical users? Jump start your journey learning directly from myself
(Devin), an Rstudio expert consultant, to compress months of
self-experimentation into two highly informative days of learning. This
course is appropriate for novice to advanced users, with concurrent
hands-on activities targeting the complete range of skill levels.

By the end of the workshop all participants should be able to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of data structures and make design
decisions regarding which are most suitable for the application at hand

2. Choose the appropriate shiny implementation (flexdashboard, miniUI,

3. Use new libraries developed to replace cumbersome or slow-running
legacy internal scripts.

4. Quickly prototype applications ready for deployment

5. Be able to think ‘like an R programmer’ to better un=
derstand shared
code or produce code that can be confidently shared among the entire group
that follows best practices.

Check out a more detailed syllabus and sign up details on eventbrite here:

Participants will learn to build tools to support automated tasks such as
generating dynamic reports, monitoring modeling and simulation activities,
and extending Rstudio. They will also construct applications such as
interactive decision-support dashboards for clinical trial simulations.
Overall 8 shiny apps will be built and another 10 example apps and code
will be provided for later study - 18 apps worth of code!

Using shiny is only as effective as the foundational programming skills in
R one has. As such,* all participants will be given free access to all
course material and additional video lectures and solutions to the modern R=
 *course taught over the past three years. *The shiny course will build on
the techniques and packages taught in modern R - namely dplyr, tidyr, purrr
and other tidyverse packages, so on top of learning shiny, participants
will also have opportunities to flex their new-found learnings and get
additional hands on practice.

Feel free to reach out with addition questions - I'd love to hear from you!

I can be reached at devin

See you all at PAGE,


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