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PhD candidate position M&S Neglected Tropical Diseases

From: t.dorlo
Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 15:04:59 +0000

We are searching for a PhD candidate for an exciting and high-impact resear=
ch project on the topic of modelling and simulation of pharmacokinetics (PK=
) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of new drugs and drug combinations against the =
neglected tropical disease visceral leishmaniasis. The activities will enta=
il pharmacometric modelling of PK and PD data to support an ongoing phase I=
I/III clinical trial and to prepare for future clinical trials, amongst oth=
ers in Eastern Africa and South Asia.

The research will be executed within the Pharmacometrics group of the Pharm=
acy of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital - Netherlands Cancer Institute i=
n Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and will be performed in close collaboration =
with the non-profit organization Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (D=

For further details, please see:
candidate-pharmacometricsclinical-pharmacology/ or contact dr. T.P.C. Dorlo=
, tel. +31 20 512 4741 or e-mail: t.dorlo

If you are interested, please submit your application including CV and moti=
vational letter through our website:

Best wishes,


Thomas P.C. Dorlo, PhD
Pharmacometrician, senior researcher
Dept. Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Google Scholar<
=en> | ResearchGate<> | =

t: +31 20 512 4741
e: t.dorlo


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek | Plesmanlaan 121 | 1066 CX AMSTERDAM |<h=

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ansmission of the information contained therein nor for any delay in its re=
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Received on Wed May 09 2018 - 11:04:59 EDT

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