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NLME workshop before PAGE and Intro to Phoenix NLME 26-27 April, Basel, CH.

From: Simon Davis <Simon.Davis>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 13:20:18 +0000

Certara University is offering a limited number of courses in Europe for 20=
18, so be sure to register now for the course that best fits your needs! Re=
gister today.

NLME Workshop at PAGE Montreux Conference

Certara University<
e/details&id=30> is running a two-day Phoenix NLME course on Monday and T=
uesday 28-29 May. Phoenix NLME is a "full package" software that can be use=
d during the entire drug development stage for optimal PK/PD modeling and s=
imulation performance. Phoenix NLME is the only program that dynamically us=
es 3 different connected modes of analysis (built-in, graphical and textual=
). Built-in models are library models that can automatically be transformed=
 into graphical and/or textual mode for use if needed. Graphical models are=
 also automatically translated into textual mode for use. In other words, u=
sers can chose a model from an extensive model library (Built-in mode), dra=
w the model using a graphical editor (graphical mode) or write it using cod=
e (textual mode). In the background, all model building modes in Phoenix NL=
ME use the Phoenix Modeling Language (PML), similar to the NONMEM control s=
tream. These unique characteristics make the Phoenix NLME software the easi=
est program to be used for optimal model building strategy.

The 2 days course will on the first day introduce the main concepts of Popu=
lation PK/PD with hands on based on case studies but that focus on standard=
 PK/PD continuous responses (Drug, biomarkers, etc,). On the second day, ba=
sic theory on categorical responses, count data and time to events will be =
taught. Finally, most of Day 2 will focus on hands on based on real case st=
udies. Cost will be $995 USD; please email info

Intro Courses
Introduction to Population Modeling using Phoenix NLME
The objective of this course is to train Phoenix WinNonlin users how to per=
form population PK/PD using Phoenix NLME. This will be a 1.5-day hands-on =
workshop with introductory theory of Population PK/PD.

Basel, Switzerland (April 26-27, 2018)

 Best regards,
Senior Scientific Consultant
Work Mobile : +44 7500 190 212 >> note the new number!
Facsimile : +1 801 991 7145
Personal Mobile : +44 7980 832 666
Get tips and discuss Phoenix with other users;
______________________________________________________________________ (some upcoming courses in EU, full li=
st is here;
Advanced PKPD with Phoenix (Mon-Thur) 6-9 March, Basel, Switzerland
Intro to Phoenix WinNonlin, 24-26 April: Basel, Switzerland
Intro to Phoenix NLME (Pop Modelling) 26-27 April: Basel, Switzerland
Intermediate PKPD with Phoenix (Mon-Thur) 15-18 May: Copenhagen, Denmark
Advanced Pop PKPD with Phoenix NLME 27-28 May: Montreux, Switzerland (PAGE =
Intro to Phoenix WinNonlin, 19-21 June: Copenhagen: Denmark
Intro to Phoenix WinNonlin, 16-18 October: London, England
Intro to Phoenix NLME (Pop Modelling) 18-19 October: London, England
Intermediate PKPD with Phoenix (Mon-Thur) 6-9 Nov, London UK
Intro to Phoenix WinNonlin, 4-6 Dec 2017, Frankfurt, Germany
Phoenix WinNonlin IVIVC 6-7 Dec 2017, Frankfurt, Germany NOTICE: Th=
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