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$ABBR REPLACE Limitations?

From: Bill Denney <wdenney>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018 14:15:32 -0500


I’m working in NONMEM 7.4.1 with a model where I need to track 4 dr=
simultaneously. To increase the model quality, I’m making heavy us=
e of
$ABBR REPLACE to keep track of THETA, ETA, and CMT numbers. I traced an
issue with my model where there was no gradient on a bioavailability term
to the fact that this substitution didn’t seem to be working:




FCMTD1GUT didn’t seem to be effectively replaced to F1, so the
bioavailability parameters had no effect. When I changed it to just
directly name F1, it worked as expected.


F1 = THETA(1)

It’s not obvious from the $ABBR REPLACE section of the manual that =
this is
a limitation of $ABBR REPLACE. Is this an issue or am I missing something?




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