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Re: Shiny for Pharmacometrics Workshop PAGE 2018

From: Andy Stein <andy.stein>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:04:26 +0000

Hey, I would consider attending. I have no particular thoughts to share.
This year, I think I may wind up leading an initiative to develop a Shiny
App for data exploration (e.g. Dose-PK, Dose-PD, PKPD, with continuous,
binary, etc.). My vision is that we'd start small and gradually grow. So a
course like this seems great.

For me, what might be most useful is just a whirlwind tour of all kinds of
cool things people can do with Shiny, and then an introduction into some of
the most important tools and packages. And a little bit of hands on work,


On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 12:10 PM Devin Pastoor <devin.pastoor

> We are excited to announce a new public course debuting at PAGE 2018.
> Shiny for Pharmacometrics is an accelerated course that build on the modern
> R course to leverage shiny to develop tools and applications to support
> pharmacometric activities. This course has been taught privately with great
> success, and it is now time to bring it to everyone!
> Participants will learn to build tools to support automated tasks such as
> generating dynamic reports, monitoring modeling and simulation activities,
> and extending Rstudio. They will also construct applications such as
> interactive decision-support dashboards for clinical trial simulations.
> Overall *8 shiny apps will be built and another 10 example apps and code
> will be provided for later study - 18 apps worth of code!*
> Using shiny is only as effective as the foundational programming skills in
> R one has. As such,* all participants will be given free access to all
> course material and additional video lectures and solutions to the modern R*
> *course taught over the past two years. *The shiny course will build on
> the techniques and packages taught in modern R - namely dplyr, tidyr, purrr
> and other tidyverse packages, so on top of learning shiny, participants
> will also have opportunities to flex their new-found learnings and get
> additional hands on practice.
> *If you are interested we would love to hear from you. The final decision
> as to whether the course will be 2 or 2.5 day course has not yet been made.
> If you have thoughts and would consider attending please reach out to *
> devin.pastoor
> The course syllabus and sign up information material will follow in the
> next month.
> We look forward to hearing from you.
> Happy New Year,
> Devin

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