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FW: 2 Postdoctoral Fellows at Biogen, Cambridge - Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics

From: Ivan Nestorov <ivan.nestorov>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 13:22:37 +0000

Postdoctoral Fellows - Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics
The Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics (CPP) group is seeking for outs=
tanding candidates for 2 postdoctoral positions with a term of 2-3 years. =
in pharmacometrics (exposure-response modeling with imaging outcomes). Bot=
h positions offer unique opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary=
 team to facilitate all stages of CNS drug development, and is focused on t=
he application of PK/PD mechanistic modeling and simulation to characterize=
 PK and PD of novel modalities. These are ideal opportunities for individu=
als with quantitative background and affinity to biomedical problems to att=
ain deep specialization and expertise in clinical pharmacology and drug dev=
Postdoctoral Job Descriptions:

* Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics, Modeling Imaging Outco=

Multiple neurology programs in Biogen are targeted at modifying the natural=
 turnover of harmful proteins. The CPP function develops models relating t=
he exposure (PK) to the time course of target protein. Understanding of and=
 incorporating information for the natural turnover rate of the target prot=
eins in these models is essential for the evaluation of the biological and =
disease-related activity of our drug candidates. We are looking for a motiv=
ated candidate to become a part of the joint effort between CPP and Biomark=
er Center of Excellence to integrate model derived knowledge about the targ=
et proteins in the existing mechanistic PK-PD models based on early phase c=
linical data. The methodology developed will be validated with data from nu=
mber of drug development programs. Such methodology has not been critically=
 and comprehensively evaluated in the existing literature, so it will repre=
sent significant scientific novelty, and can be published extensively. The =
project scope includes performing hands-on preclinical, translational and c=
linical modeling tasks using nonlinear mixed effects and physiologically-ba=
sed modeling techniques to support dose selection, optimization and clinica=
l trial design.

* Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacometrics, Gene Therapy
Gene therapy began 20 years ago and over a thousand clinical trials have be=
en carried out. In the field of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics,=
 gene therapy is a novel modality with sparse literature. While the concep=
t of "drug" continuously evolve from pills to biotechnology, it is expected=
 that PK/PD concepts and models that have proved to be crucial in the under=
standing and prediction of effects of traditional drugs can also be extende=
d to gene therapy. We are looking for a motivated candidate to support the=
 scientific investigation and PK/PD modeling efforts for Adeno-Associated V=
irus (AAV)-based gene therapy platform across therapeutic areas at Biogen. =
 The project scope includes designing fit-for-purpose PK/PD studies, perfor=
ming hands-on preclinical, translational and clinical modeling projects usi=
ng nonlinear mixed effects and physiologically-based modeling techniques to=
 support dose selection, optimization and clinical trial design. The metho=
dologies used in PK/PD of tradition drug modalities have not been evaluated=
 for AAV-based gene therapy in the existing literature, so this project ent=
ails significant and clinically meaningful innovation in both the scientifi=
c and medical communities.
For both positions, the successful candidate should have a strong interest =
in developing novel methods and creative problem solving in PK/PD modeling =
and simulation. This candidate will be an integral part of CPP and work in=
 close collaboration with scientific experts from preclinical and clinical =
drug development. During this fellowship, this candidate will have a full =
and diverse immersion in all stages of drug development at the cutting edge=
 of biotechnology, and an opportunity to make an impactful contribution on =
the development of novel therapeutics in Alzheimer and other neurodegenerat=
ive diseases in the discipline of clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics=

  * Must have a doctoral degree in Applied mathematics, Pharmacometrics, =
Biomedical or Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or a closely r=
elated discipline
  * Previous experience in modeling and simulation using PK/PD data with =
hands-on familiarity in Phoenix WinNonlin, NONMEM, R, Monolix is preferred.
  * Previous experience in CNS biomedical research is preferred, but not =
  * Team player and effective communicator with the ability to contribute=
  * Publication record at conferences and/or peer reviewed journals
Recent PhD in Pharmacometrics, Applied mathematics, Biomedical or Chemical =
Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, or a closely related discipline. Thes=
e positions are an excellent opportunity for somebody with quantitative ski=
lls and wider biology exposure to get special focus in clinical pharmacolog=
y and pharmacokinetics.
Employment Category
Full-Time Regular
Ivan Nestorov (ivan.nestorov
r Lilly East (lilly.east
About Biogen
Biogen is one of the pioneers in biotechnology. Biogen has the leading port=
folio of medicines to treat multiple sclerosis (MS), has the first and only=
 approved treatment for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and is at the forefro=
nt of research into new medicines for neurological and neurodegenerative co=
nditions. Led by world-class research and development, Biogen uses novel sc=
ience and leading-edge technologies to create, commercialize, and manufactu=
re transformative therapies for patients with few or no treatment options.

Ivan Nestorov, PhD
Sr. Director, Pharmacometrics
Biogen Inc
225 Binney Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
Tel: 617-679-2541
Email: ivan.nestorov

Received on Wed Feb 28 2018 - 08:22:37 EST

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