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Fellowship opportunity at FDA Office of Clinical Pharmacology

From: renu singh <renu_si2003>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018 00:57:24 +0000 (UTC)

Officeof Clinical Pharmacology at the FDA has a 6-month fellowship opportun=
ity forinterested candidates. This fellowship is based on a project that┬=
áproposes a systematic analysis of the failedefficacy trials for tumor ne=
crosis factor-alpha (TNF╬▒) inhibitors inPoly-articular juvenile idiopa=
thic arthritis (PJIA) to evaluate the reasons forfailure and provide compar=
ative analysis to the TNF╬▒ inhibitors that have beensuccessful. The ul=
timate aim will be to access the possibility of full orpartial extrapolatio=
n of efficacy in PJIA population based on the currentlyavailable data from =
5 approved TNF╬▒ inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Preferred qualifications: A senior year Ph.D. student inPharmacometrics/Cli=
nical Pharmacology familiar with conducting datareformatting, population PK=
 analysis, statistical analysis, PK/PD modeling andsimulation.┬á Qualif=
ied masters degree candidate may be considered providedthe candidate demons=
trates strong quantitative skills.

Well-versed in using PK/PD modeling softwares likeNONMEM/Pharsight Phoenix =
and statistical software like R/SAS.

More details about thefellowship can be found at

Interestedcandidates kindly email your CVs to me at  "renu.singh".Please do also apply for the internship positions through the offic=
ial websiteat this link

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