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GSK R&D China job post

From: Peiming Ma <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 07:09:48 +0000

Job Description:
The Computational Modeling and Sciences (CMS) group in GSK R&D China is see=
king a Mechanistic PBPK/PD Modeler to integrate ADME data into PBPK models =
that can be linked with systems pharmacology to understand drug safety and =
efficacy. Applicants should have a desire to drive model based drug design =
and development in support of projects.
This role involves developing PBPK/QSP/QST models to influence critical dec=
isions in drug discovery and development, from target selection to the iden=
tification of the best modality and delivery route to engage the target to =
the optimal dose selection including inputs into clinical trial design.
Working in a dynamic and multidisciplinary environment the successful candi=
date will develop, calibrate and use complex QSP/QST models connected with =
PBPK models linking drug disposition and target biology with clinical outco=
mes for various diseases.
This role will address the relationships between drug properties, its dispo=
sition and the pharmacological and toxicological response translating betwe=
en in-vitro, in-vivo preclinical species and human. This involves the integ=
ration and interpretation of data from many sources to help drive project d=

* Responsible for providing appropriate modeling support to Discovery Per=
formance Units (DPU)/Therapeutic Areas (TA)/Platform Technology and Science=
 (PTS) line and peer review modeling work from colleagues as appropriate, i=
nsuring high quality standards for the modeling work

* Further develop unique expert modeling skills. Provide expert modeling =
consultancy, training and support to others in your unique areas of experti=

* Develop and execute a modeling strategy for each DPU/TA/PTS line assign=
ed insuring availability of appropriate modeling capability

* Build, expand and refine the modeling capabilities and platforms

* Promote and increase the reputation of the modeling both internally wit=
hin R&D and externally including regulatory agencies

* Aid the interpretation of the data we generate and integrate it with th=
at of clinical and pre-clinical partners to help project decisions

* Use modeling as a thinking tool to help generate better hypothesis and =
design better, model informed experiments

* Provide consultancy and training resource to increase the overall kinet=
ic thinking and modeling capability of staff both within the department an=
d outside in PTS and R&D

* Exceptional collaborative behaviours to build and maintain relationship=
s with both R&D customers as well as the wider modeling community in GSK
Basic Qualifications:

* Advanced degree in chemical, mechanical or biomedical engineering, bioc=
hemistry, physics, applied mathematics, bioinformatics, scientific computin=
g or related field

* A minimum of 5 years experience of applying mechanism based mathematic=
al modeling techniques in the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. PBPK or QSP or =
QST modeling)

* Core competency in numerical analysis focusing on differential equation=

* Knowledge and understanding of drug delivery, absorption, distribution =
and metabolism, pharmacology and toxicology, PK/PD modeling, physiological =
based modeling and translational sciences

* Experience of building, solving and using mathematical models to integr=
ate available data and applying these to answer practical questions that ha=
ve a positive impact on projects

* Scientific computing and programming particularly Matlab and SimBiology

* Experience of using at least one physiological based modeling software =
package e.g. GastroPlus or Simcyp

* Evidence of identifying, developing, and applying innovative solutions =
to scientific and technological problems faced in systems modeling

* Evidence of strong critical thinking skills, troubleshooting and proble=
m solving skills

* Demonstrated collaborative behaviors both within the computational comm=
unity and with the modeling customers in pharma

* Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to inte=
ract effectively with scientists in other disciplines with a positive, coll=
egial, collaborative attitude

* Successfully leading in a matrix environment, working across functions/=

* Evidence of developing self and others
Preferred Qualifications:

* PhD degree strongly preferred

* Experience in one of: finite element, computational fluid dynamics, num=
erical optimization, agent based modeling, stochastic differential equation=
s, advanced image analysis

* Knowledge and understanding of systems biology, data analysis, image an=
alysis and computational sciences

Hiring Manager:
Hongkang Mei

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GSK, our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners, from cyber =
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priate confidentiality controls and in accordance with local laws and after=
 appropriate consultation.

Received on Thu May 25 2017 - 03:09:48 EDT

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