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[NMusers] DEFDOSE/DEFOBS Required for Many Compartments?

From: Bill Denney <>
Date: Mon, 1 May 2017 12:33:17 -0400


I have a model with many compartments (42 different compartments are
defined). It is currently setup this way to future-proof the dataset in
case we want to combine analyses of many drugs (about 20 different drugs
with central/peripheral compartments) and several endpoints.

In the current model, I'm only fitting the PK of one drug, so only two
of the compartments are enabled: compartments 39 and 42. After the
IGNORE statement, the data is relatively small with 400 records between
16 subjects, and all the data are in compartment 39 (the central
compartment for the current drug).

CMT, EVID, and MDV (along with everything else) is correctly specified.
When I run the model with CMT 39 defined by:

COMP=(PKCENT) ; 39 central PK compartment (ug/mL)

the model fails with the error "COMPARTMENT ASSOCIATED WITH THE
PREDICTION IS OFF" noted for all the dosing rows, but when I specify
that compartment 39 is the default observation and dose compartment (due
to IV dosing), the model works.

COMP=(PKCENT,DEFOBS,DEFDOSE) ; 39 central PK compartment (ug/mL)

I thought that when CMT and EVID are specified, DEFOBS and DEFDOSE are
not important.

Does anyone know why adding DEFOBS and DEFDOSE fixed my model?



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