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US Pharmacometric Positions Available ~ Ian Kulka

From: Ian Kulka <ian.kulka>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 11:39:14 +0000

Dear NM Users,

As we progress into 2017, I am currently working a range of really exciting=
 Clinical Pharmacology / Pharmacometrics roles throughout the US. I am keen=
 to speak with experts within this field to explore these current, and furt=
her positions as we race towards Summer (yes, it finally feels like it is j=
ust around the corner!).

Here is a snap-shot of some of the exciting opportunities that I am working=
 within the East-coast and Mid-West:

Director, Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology - Boston
Market-leading, global pharma company is seeking a Director, Quantitative C=
linical Pharmacology to join an exciting team within one of their key areas=
 of scientific development. With high levels of accountability, this is a g=
reat opportunity to engage with strategic oversight. You will have hands on=
 M&S skills, with experience working within translational and early develop=
ment studies. This role offers a strong salary, plus competitive bonus pack=

Associate Director, Modelling & Simulation - Boston
This innovative Biotech are currently seeking an expert to take on lead res=
ponsibilities for cross functional M&S activities. You have accountability =
for impacting the continuous improvement of the M&S capability through ment=
oring and the provision of training, alongside the adoption of new technolo=
gies. You should have at least 5+ years of hands on experience within M&S, =
with established leadership experience within small teams. You will benefit=
 from professional development opportunities within this role alongside a s=
trong salary package.

Associate Director, Modelling & Simulation - New York
A ground-breaking Biopharma is currently seeking M&S experts to join their =
expanding Quantitative Science team. This role will see you engaging with m=
odelling within both research and discovery projects, working with a strong=
 scientific pipeline. You should have at least 6+ years of M&S experience. =
Working within this great environment, you will engage with a highly collab=
orative, fun and challenging team. With strong salary packages available, t=
his is a great opportunity to consider.

Associate Director/ Director, Pharmacometrics - New Jersey
An innovative, global Pharma is seeking enthusiastic experts within Pharmac=
ometrics to add strategic impact within this successful team. You will be w=
orking within a diverse multifunctional team, working to compliment the ong=
oing development studies within a multi-therapeutic span. You will be respo=
nsible for hands-on modelling input within the leading development projects=
, and should have expertise using modelling software. This team operates wi=
thin a great environment with strong opportunities for personal development=
, with the benefit of highly competitive packages.

Associate Principle, Pharmacokinetics - Illinois
I am currently seeking a Clinical PK specialist to join an innovative and f=
orward-thinking department. Operating within a CP&PM environment, you will =
have strong responsibility for independently leading PKPD activities and wo=
rking to develop Clinical Pharmacology strategy and tactical approach. You =
must have experience working with multiple, complex projects; covering mult=
iple therapeutic areas. This will be a strong, hands-on position, for someo=
ne keen to take on a high level of accountability, with the benefit of a st=
rong salary and benefits package.

If any of these opportunities descriptions interests you or, if you are loo=
king to attract similar individuals within your current team, please do get=
 in touch. I am always interested to have an open conversation about your f=
uture plans, and requirements to enhance your career / team. So please feel=
 free to respond to this message or, you can also contact me here in the of=
fice on +1-646-586-9087.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Ian Kulka
Senior Consultant, DMPK & Clinical Pharmacology


Permanent and Contract
Specialist Recruitment

T: +44 (0)1293 584 300 or for direct US calls (646) 586 9087
E: ian.kulka

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