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[NMusers] Free clinical trial simulation course at PAGE

From: Lindauer, Andreas (Germany) <"Lindauer,>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 09:14:22 +0000

In case you have missed it on the PAGE website, SGS Exprimo<http://www.expr=> is running a two-day Clinical Trial Simulation course on Monday a=
nd Tuesday 5-6 June.

  * The course on Monday will introduce attendees to Simulo<>, a PK-PD-Disease model simulator developed for 6 years and now av=
ailable to the public. The user-friendly interface can specify complex beha=
vior (adaptive trials, interim analysis, complex dose adaptation, adverse e=
vents) in a flexible way, as the simulation uses an R backend. The resultin=
g R-script may be applied outside of Simulo in any R environment. After thi=
s session, you will be capable of running your own clinical trial simulatio=
ns. You will receive a free license to the software.
  * The course on Tuesday presents a theoretical framework on all aspects=
 of model simulation: model selection, adaptation, evaluation, clinical tri=
al simulation and clinical trial optimization. All practical examples will =
be demonstrated using Simulo.

Both courses are provided free of charge. Only 30 places will be available =
for both sessions. Priority will be given to attendees registering for both=
 sessions. For more information and registration, please contact nancy.smet=<>.

Andreas Lindauer, PhD
Agriculture, Food and Life
Life Science Services - Exprimo
Senior Consultant


SGS Exprimo NV
Generaal De Wittelaan 19A Bus 5
B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Switchboard: +32 15 27 32 45

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