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RE: Use of ACCEPT in $DATA

From: Bill Denney <wdenney>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2017 18:44:39 -0400

Hi Dennis,

I don’t have an elegant solution for you (and I’ve been pin=
ing for the use
of combined Boolean operations like “TIME.GT.5.9.AND.TIME.LT.6.1=
for a
long time).

An inelegant solution could be to run the model once with a write statement
to see if you can identify the value like 6.0000001 and use it. That would
probably be fragile to different processor/compiler/math library
combinations, so I’d probably end up making the additional indicato=
r column
for certainty.



*From:* owner-nmusers
Behalf Of *Dennis Fisher
*Sent:* Thursday, August 24, 2017 6:16 PM
*To:* nmusers
*Subject:* [NMusers] Use of ACCEPT in $DATA

NONMEM 7.4.1


I am trying to use the ACCEPT option in $DATA in order to select a subset
of records (to evaluate the impact of the # of samples/subject on
confidence intervals).

I used the following code:

               ACCEPT=(TIME=0, TIME=1, TIME=2, TIME=4, TIME=6, =

NMTRAN then creates a dataset but — to my surprise — TIME=
=6 is not in the
dataset (all the others are).

I am copying the first few rows of the input dataset so that you can see
what is being provided to NMTRAN:


The underlined / boldfaced value (6) in the final row is the problem.

I assume that NMTRAN is reading that value as something other than 6.0
(e.g., 6.000001) and thereby omitting it.

I have reviewed NMHELP to see if there is some other way to accomplish
this. Ideally, there would be something like:


but that does not appear to be supported.

The alternative is to modify the dataset to include many possible MDV/EVID
columns. However, it would be more elegant to do this in the control

Or, if there is some way to find out the exact value that NMTRAN sees, I
could specify that value.

Any help would be appreciated.


Dennis Fisher MD
P < (The "P Less Than" Company)
Phone / Fax: 1-866-PLessThan (1-866-753-7784) <>

Received on Thu Aug 24 2017 - 18:44:39 EDT

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