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9th Advanced Course on Pharmacometrics - Register Now

From: roberto gomeni <roberto.gomeni>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2017 10:48:26 +0200

Pharmacometrica is holding the 9th Advanced Course on Pharmacometrics
-October 9-11, 2017: Chateau de Longcol (France).

This is a 3-day course designed to present advanced concepts on
pharmacometrics using novel methodologies based on integrated
drug-disease-trial models and surface response analysis.

Case studies are presented to illustrate how these tools can be used for
improving the decision-making process during drug development and for
facilitating the development and use of predictive models for:

* Describing complex PK profiles for extended release and long
acting injectable products,

* Establishing in-vitro/in-vivo correlation,

* Establishing exposure-response relationships in presence of
confounding factors such as placebo effect and tolerance,

* Evaluating the probability of success of a trial and the
probability of attaining a prescribed clinical benefit of a treatment.


Additional details are available at:

Roberto Gomeni, PhD, HDR


Longcol, 12270 La Fouillade (France)



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