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Pharmacometric position available at Nektar Therapeutics

From: Gordi, Toufigh <TGordi>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 23:12:06 +0000

Associate Director, Pharmacometrics

Position Summary:
Nektar Therapeutics is seeking an experienced PK/PD expert to join the comp=
any at the Associate Director (AD) level. The position is in the pharmacome=
tric group, a part of the clinical pharmacology department and the new AD w=
ill work closely with other modelers and non-modelers to advance drug candi=
dates from preclinical to late clinical phases.

Help apply quantitative analysis methods and PK/PD modeling techniques in d=
eveloping candidate drug products from pre-IND through Phase III. Plan and =
execute the PK/PD modeling and simulation (M&S) activities in the design an=
d analysis of in vivo and in vitro studies working with a multidisciplinary=
 team. Conduct and collaborate with others on the principles and theories =
of quantitative evaluation of new products and maintenance of existing phar=
macokinetics and drug metabolism product lines through the application of s=
tate-of-the-art knowledge in PK/PD analysis. In collaboration with other t=
eam members make decisions impacting PK/PD goals and the success and releva=
nce of individual preclinical and clinical studies. Contribute to the desi=
gn and preparation of preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics development=
 strategies and study protocols, performing and supervising pharmacokinetic=
 and pharmacodynamic analyses, and preparation of clinical study reports an=
d integrated summary documents. Provide feedback and direction for regulat=
ory submissions preparation and review support for new or existing products=
. Work closely with clinical operations, biostatistics, data management, r=
esearch, drug metabolism and therapeutics areas. Take over and maintain Ne=
ktar's storage of pharmacometric files and archive system.

What we offer: Nektar Therapeutics is in the early stages of implementing a=
 model-based drug development paradigm (MBDD) throughout the organization. =
The current position offers an exciting opportunity to be a contributing pa=
rt of the company's efforts in such implementation. We offer a highly colla=
borative and scientific environment and the opportunity to shape the future=
 of the company's path toward a more effective and science-based drug devel=
opment process.

The right person for this position has a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and=
 PK/PD analysis and 10-13 years of industry experience. A minimum of 8-10 y=
ears previous management experience is required. Expert knowledge of scient=
ific principles of pharmacometrics and relevant software are essential. Ind=
ependent analysis and problem solving and the ability to implement the solu=
tions using available tools are critical. The pharmacometric group is well =
integrated in the clinical pharmacology department and the AD is expected t=
o contribute to a highly collaborative team. Scientific curiosity, outgoing=
 personality, and willingness to help other team members with complex probl=
ems by offering science-based solutions, while learning new insights are hi=
ghly desirable.

Toufigh Gordi, PhD, MBA
Senior Director of Pharmacometrics
Nektar Therapeutics
Tel.: 415-482-5306
Email: tgordi

Received on Wed Apr 19 2017 - 19:12:06 EDT

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