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[NMusers] Request for Expression of Interest, WCoP 2020

From: Tannenbaum, Stacey <>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 16:18:27 +0000

Dear friends and colleagues,

The World Conference on Pharmacometrics (WCoP<>) 201=
6 was a great success and we would like to thank especially all participant=
s, speakers and presenters for their contributions, which made this meeting=
 a very engaging event. Brisbane proved to be an excellent location, beauti=
ful weather one day and perfect the next. An archive of the WCoP 2012 and =
2016 material has been made available in the WCoP archive here<http://www.g=>.

It is time now to seek candidate local organizers for WCoP 2020. If you an=
d your organization would consider hosting this event, please let us know y=
our interest to work with us to make WCoP 2020 successful! Some geographic=
al restrictions apply for WCoP 2020, and locations in Korea (WCoP 2012), Au=
stralia (WCoP 2016), America and Europe will not be considered for 2020. Th=
e timing of the next conference in 2020 is not fixed, and will be decided b=
ased on local conditions and competing events.

Please submit an initial expression of interest with the following details:
- Location (city, country)
- Proposed dates (2.5 days)
- Local organizing committee (size, experience in hosting events, main cont=
act person)
- Availability of seed funding

Please provide us with your interest in hosting of WCoP 2020 before May 15,=
 2017 to This initial expression of inter=
est does not require any commitment at this stage. After reviewing the ini=
tial expressions of interest we will ask for a more formal proposal from a =
short list of those that seem most likely to be successful. The notificati=
ons will be sent by June 15, 2017.

We look forward to planning the next quadrennial WCoP in 2020 together!
Kind regards,
Stacey Tannenbaum, WCoP 2020 Chair

On behalf of the WCoP Executive Committee:
Goonaseelan (Colin) Pillai, Novartis and Paolo Denti, University of Cape =
Town [Africa & South America]
Kyungsoo Park, Yonsei University and Yusuke Tanigawara, Keio University [As=
Lena Friberg, Uppsala University and France Mentré, Université Paris Di=
derot [Europe]
Holly Kimko, Janssen R&D and Stacey Tannenbaum, Astellas Pharma [North Amer=
Nick Holford, University of Auckland and Stefanie Hennig, University of Que=
ensland [Oceania]

Received on Fri Apr 07 2017 - 12:18:27 EDT

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