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Critical Path Institute is offering another opportunity for pharmacometricians - Now to support our Critical Path to Tuberculosis Drug Regimens Initiative

From: Daniela Conrado <dconrado>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2016 16:38:52 +0000 (UTC)

Job Title:           =
     Associate Program Director, Quantitative M=
edicine Department: Clinical Pharmacology and Quantitative MedicineRep=
orts to: Director of Clinical Pharmacology and Quantitative MedicineFLSA St=
atus: Full-time; ExemptLocation:        =
 Tucson, AZ (Remote may be considered)
Job Purpose Summary:  This position represents the Quantitative Medici=
ne expert who will primarily support the Critical Path to Tuberculosis (TB)=
 Drug Regimens (CPTR) Initiative.  The position entails partnering wit=
h the consortium teams to integrate pre-clinical experiment-level and clini=
cal subject-level data in order to develop innovative drug development plat=
forms for Anti-TB regimen development.
The individual will work closely with clinicians, statisticians and other c=
onsortium scientists to create development plans that include assessments o=
f endpoints, sources of variability and analysis approaches for the integra=
ted data conducive to the development of quantitative drug development plat=
forms, qualification of novel biomarkers and the regulatory endorsement of =
various drug development tools.  This individual has primary responsib=
ility for the clinical pharmacology, quantitative medicine and modeling and=
 simulation components of the development plans, including internal and ext=
ernal reporting, as well as the support of proposals for new opportunities =
to achieve a public health impact in Global Health.  
The individual is responsible to develop and execute the plans by using inn=
ovative analytical methods to integrate knowledge of pharmacokinetics, biop=
harmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, subject characteristics and disease states =
to create models to help optimize doses, dosage regimens and study designs,=
 and to provide quantitative medicine, clinical pharmacology and modeling a=
nd simulation support and leadership in the preparation and defense of regu=
latory submissions.  
The individual will routinely interact with internal governance bodies, con=
sortium representatives, regulatory agencies and external opinion leaders, =
and is expected to influence the external environment by advancing their di=
scipline through external presentations and publications.

For more information, please check
240153042 or contact HR
Daniela J Conrado, MSPhD

Associate Director,Quantitative Medicine

Critical Path Institute

Received on Wed Nov 23 2016 - 11:38:52 EST

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