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Introduction to PKNCA: Automation of Noncompartmental Analysis in R

From: Bill Denney <wdenney>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2016 09:36:37 -0400


In the ISoP study group webinar series, I will be giving a webinar on
using the PKNCA R library this Wednesday at noon US Eastern time. If
you're interested in automation of NCA in your R-based workflow with
open-sourced software, check it out!

Thank you,


*Title:*Introduction to PKNCA: Automation of Noncompartmental Analysis in R
*General Topic:*Introduction to PKNCA: Automation of Noncompartmental
Analysis in R
*Presenter:*William S. Denney

*Time:*Noon EDT
*Livelink Feed:*
*Background Resources and Code for the

*Discussion During after the Presentation:


The PKNCA R package is designed to perform all noncompartmental analysis
(NCA) calculations for pharmacokinetic (PK) data. The package is broadly
separated into two parts (calculation and summary) with some additional
housekeeping functions.

The primary and secondary goals of the PKNCA package are to 1) only give
correct answers to the specific questions being asked and 2) automate as
much as possible to simplify the task of the analyst. When automation
would leave ambiguity or make a choice that the analyst may have an
alternate preference for, it is either not used or is possible to override.

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