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WCoP Meeting Satellite Workshop (Brisbane, Australia)

From: Masoud Jamei <masoud.jamei>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 09:30:53 +0100

*Systems pharmacology and model-informed drug development*

*Certara* is running a one-day hands-on workshop on *Model-informed drug
development, using the Simcyp population based PBPK/PD Simulator* on *Sunda=
21 August 2016*. The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity
to become familiar with PBPK/PD modelling and simulations, in vitro-in vivo
extrapolation techniques, prediction of DDIs, prediction of
pharmacokinetics in special populations, linking PBPK models to drug
response, and parameter optimization. Hands-on exercises will include
applications illustrating the use of the Simulator in drug development and
as part of a regulatory package.

*Who should attend:* Individuals interested in pharmacokinetics and its
variability, clinical pharmacology, PBPK modelling, drug development and
drug registration.
*Requirement:* You will use your personal laptop for the hands-on
exercises. Installation packages and temporary license keys will be
provided a week before the workshop.

*Maximum Number of Participants:* 20
*Venue:* Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre [A1 Room, Arbour level]
*Date: *Sunday 21 August 2016
*Fees:* Academics and students: GBP £59.00 | Others: GBP £98.00

*Registration Deadline:* 1 July 2016

*To register* please click here
<> or email Kelly on

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