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RE: nonmem question regarding condition number

From: Eleveld-Ufkes, DJ <d.j.eleveld>
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 12:56:59 +0000

Hi Laureen,
If you want an objective second opinion then make likelihood profiles for b=
oth models.
I expect a very shallow one for at least one maybe two parameters for the 3=
-compartment model and thus the parameters are not estimated accurately, ev=
en if the objective function goes down.
good luck,
Douglas Eleveld
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 of L.A. ten Berg - Lammers [l.a.tenberg-lammers
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Subject: [NMusers] nonmem question regarding condition number

Dear nmusers,
I am currently analyzing PK profiles after a single iv adminstration. Volun=
teers were sampled frequently: 12 samples per curve.
For the structural model 2- and a 3-compartment models are compared. The CW=
RES vs time plot of the 2-compartment shows the typical wave, indicative fo=
r a 3-compartment model. Introduction of a third compartment eliminated the=
 wave, OFV decreased with 180 points, precision of the estimates did change=
 notably, but the condition number increased from 998 to 2.0*E16.
Does anyone know how to interpret this large increase in condition number?
Best wishes,
Laureen ten Berg

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