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PAGE workshop: Bayesian PK/PDModeling using Stan

From: Michelle Johnson <michellej>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 14:46:47 -0400

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Getting started with Bayesian PK/PD Modeling using Stan: Practical use of
Stan and R for PK/PD applications

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*Please join usFriday 10 June 201614:00 – 18:00at the Marriott Lisb=
HotelSpace is limited so register now! *
We will demonstrate the use of Stan ( and the R package
rstan for Bayesian PKPD modeling. Stan is a flexible open-source software
tool for Bayesian data analysis using Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC)
simulation---a type of MCMC simulation. You will see how to implement
nonlinear regression models, nonlinear mixed effects models and additional
programming required for population PKPD models. The latter includes
learning how to deal with dosing and observation event schedules specified
using NONMEM conventions. Models requiring numerical solution of
differential equations will also be demonstrated. We will discuss the pros
and cons of Stan relative to other tools.
More information and agenda HERE

*To learn more about Metrum Research Group, visit
<>. *



*This workshop is designed for scientists with knowledge and experience in
PK/PD modeling, nonlinear mixed effects modeling, use of R (or S-PLUS), and
a basic understanding of Bayesian principles.Ideal location for those
attending the 2016 PAGE annual meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. *

*For more details,visit
<> *

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