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Open Position at Sanofi in Systems Pharmacology

From: Karim.Azer
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 18:34:44 +0000

Open full time position in Bridgewater, NJ in systems pharmacology. Feel fr=
ee to contact me if you are interested in the position: karim.azer

Job Title: Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist, POS_75034404-1

Job Description: This position is for a modeling scientist in the area of s=
ystems pharmacology. The individual will be based in the Department of Clin=
ical and Exploratory Pharmacology, and will be a member of the Interdiscipl=
inary Program in Pharmacometrics which links pharmacometric experts across =
the Scientific Core Platforms. The individual will primarily be involved wi=
th modeling activities and as appropriate serve as the project team represe=
ntative. Working with internal and external collaborators will be essential=
 to ensure that modeling meets the strategic needs of the project team. The=
 primary focus will be on modeling efforts which quantitatively integrate p=
athway biology, physiology and clinical pharmacology, i.e. systems pharmaco=
logy. Responsibilities include:* Assess and prioritize the modeling needs a=
nd contribute to the strategic modeling work plan for a project* Develop co=
mputational systems models working with internal and external collaborators=
* Communicate with clarity the results of modeling in presentations to key =
stakeholders. Contribute to translational plans and assessments and study c=

Basic Qualifications: PhD with a track record of productivity in the areas =
of systems pharmacology, computational biology or related field, as manifes=
ted in publications and presentations.
A minimum of 3 years of experience in biomedical research post-education.
Extensive knowledge of biological pathways relevant to disease.
Superb skill in communicating both highly technical material as well as the=
 distilled take-home messages.
Strong commitment to on-the-job-training.
Modeling and computational experience, Excellent scientific computing and p=
rogramming skills in a variety of computational tools such as MATLAB, Monol=
ix, NONMEM, Mathematica, R and excellent working knowledge of Linux and Win=
dows environments.
Extensive knowledge of biological pathways relevant to disease.*
Superb skill in communicating both highly technical material as well as the=
 distilled take-home messages.
Modeling and computational experience
Preferred Qualifications* Experience in disease modeling. Expert knowledge =
in at least one area (e.g. immunology, cardiovascular) highly desirable. *E=
xperience in drug discovery/development a plus, especially quantitative asp=
ects such as PK-PD, basic experience in Pharmacometrics or Clinical Pharmac=
Strong commitment to on-the-job-training.Level of the Scientist dependent u=
pon years experience

Received on Wed Jan 20 2016 - 13:34:44 EST

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