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" Happy New Year ! For those of you who have not seen this announcement before the Christmas Break, here is a a 2nd sending"

From: Csajka Chantal <Chantal.Csajka>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 07:18:34 +0000

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the

1st European Training Course on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Pr=
otein Therapeutics - Principles and Pharmacometric Approaches

that will be held in Lausanne, Switzerland on March 21-23, 2016.

The 3-day course is a shortened version of the course that is given annuall=
y by Bernd Meibohm & Johan Gabrielsson in the United States, and it is orga=
nized under the aegis of AP2POP.

During this course, you will be introduced to basic principles in the pharm=
acokinetic and pharmacodynamic evaluation of novel therapeutic proteins and=
 hands-on exercises in the PK/PD evaluation of these compounds. Topics incl=
ude target-mediated drug disposition, tissue and tumor penetration, first-i=
n-human dose selection, immunogenicity, clinical pharmacology challenges, b=
iosimilars, and drug-drug interactions. The target audience comprises pharm=
aceutical scientists from industry, academia and regulatory agencies with b=
asic knowledge in PK and PKPD that would like to receive a comprehensive ov=
erview or refresher on the PK and PKPD of this class of compounds. Hands-on=
 exercises will be performed individually and in small groups using simple =
software tools (no prior experience required).

Attendance and registration:
The attendance will be strictly limited to 30 participants, allowing nice i=
nteractions. As well, a limited number of spots have been reserved for acad=
emia and trainees for one third of the price thanks to Merck sponsoring.

For more detailed information on the preliminary course program, as well as=
 on the registration process, please visit:

Registration form:

Looking forward to seeing you in Lausanne next spring !

The Course Directors
Bernd Meibohm, University of Tennessee & Johan Gabrielsson, Swedish Univers=
ity of Agricultural Sciences

The Local Organizers
Chantal Csajka, University of Geneva and Lausanne, Pascal Girard, Merck Ins=
titute for Pharmacometrics

Chantal Csajka, PhD
Professeure associée de pharmacie clinique
Groupe de pharmacie hospitalière et clinique | Section des Sciences Pharm=
aceutiques |Université de Genève, Université de Lausanne
Adresse: Division de pharmacologie clinique, Bugnon 17, 1005 Lausanne CHUV
tél: + 41 21 314 42 63 | fax: + 41 21 314 42 66 | email: chantal.csajka<mailto:chantal.csajka

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