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From: Ashley Weavers <ashley>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2016 15:44:36 +0000

Dear all,
I wanted to reach out to you today to discuss a few open positions in the M=
odeling and Simulation field. Below is a brief description of the roles.

Director Modeling and Simulation - MA<
Experience level: PhD with 8-10+ years of relevant industry experience and =
in-depth knowledge of modeling and simulation principles and strategies. Th=
e ideal candidate will have strong understanding of PK/PD principles, and m=
odeling in the areas of population PK/PD, DDI, disease modeling, among othe=
rs. The Director will work in collaboration with team members and internal =
departments to develop and improve on existing quantitative PK/PD models us=
ed for dosage predictions and selections for all pre-clinical and clinical =
studies. He/she will help lead and mentor the team members in the design, a=
nalysis, and reporting of the modeling results, as well as the writing and =
review of all regulatory submissions.

Director - Pharmacometrician - MA<
Experience level: PhD with 10+ years of industry experience with a strong u=
nderstanding of clinical pharmacology, PKPD modeling, and hands-on Pharmaco=
metrics expertise within the context of drug development. The ideal candida=
te will be a seasoned Pharmacometrician ready to lead a modeling and simula=
tion group in a Global Biopharmaceutical organization. He/she will be respo=
nsible for developing and executing modeling and simulation strategies for =
the entire organization, and will be the face of M&S internally and externa=
lly. The ideal candidate will be a well published visionary with strong lea=
dership, communication, and collaboration skills.

If interested in applying or discussing please email Jay Chapman at jchapma=

Ashley Weavers Hughes and Associates<>
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