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From: Corrigan, Brian (Clin Pharm) <"Corrigan,>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 20:59:49 +0000

Dear NMusers

The Education and Technology Committees of ISOP invite you to the discuss.g=<> community! (http://discuss.go-isop=
.org)<> is a free, modern discussi=
on forum designed for any individuals interested in sharing ideas related t=
o all aspects of the discipline of pharmacometrics. Discussions include app=
lications of pharmacometrics to quantitative drug development, sharing of i=
nstructional/tutorial materials, questions related to commonly used tools, =
sharing of coding examples, noncommercial meeting and workshop announcement=
s, and more. Population pharmacokinetics (pop PK), pharmacokinetics/pharmac=
odynamics (PKPD), Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP), Physiologic base=
d Pharmacokinetics (PBPK), commonly used tools and other topics are covered=
 here. The site is hosted by the International Society of Pharmacometrics (=<>), but anyone from any discipline wi=
th an interest in pharmacometrics is welcome to join.

Based on the<> software, discuss.go=<> is a 100% open source discussion pla=
tform built for the next decade of the Internet. It supports user-supplied =
video and url links within topics, file uploads (with file extensions uniqu=
e to our discipline), equations, and wikis, all of which may be useful to o=
ur community. Users can login (top right) and create a unique login, or cho=
ose to use one of their existing logins such as Google,Facebook, Yahoo, and=
 even Github (for all the programmers in our community). Like other modern =
social media, users only receive emails for the topics that they have start=
ed, those they have replied to, those they bookmark, or those where they ha=
ve been specifically named. Topics appear in the order of activity, but are=
 easily searched using the search icon, or by going to each specific catego=
ry of interest. A monthly summary of new topics is send to individuals.<> also supports multiple lan=
guages, allowing regional pharmacometric communities to interact in the lan=
guage of their choice. Translations are available for 17 languages and coun=
ting<>. Users can switch=
 to the language of their choice as a preference. Equations can be added di=
rectly using SGML-based notation for example, and code blocks can be added =
using markdown. Files of various sorts can be uploaded. The administrators =
(all from our discipline) can set the file types we upload so that we can a=
dd files with our unique extensions (like .ctl, .mod, .R, STAN, .pwo, etc),=
 along with the regular types of text files, photos, etc.

Our new community is based on trust and respect. Please treat this discussi=
on forum with the same respect you would a public park. We, too, are a shar=
ed community resource - a place to share skills, knowledge and interests th=
rough ongoing conversation. Our trust system means that the community build=
s a natural immune system to defend itself from trolls, bad actors, and spa=
mmers - and the most engaged community members can assist in the governance=
 of their community. As members become trusted regulars over time, they wil=
l earn increasing abilities to help maintain and contribute to their commun=
ity (eg, ability to add multiple topics, add links, files etc). We put a tr=
ash can on every street corner with a simple, low-friction flagging system.=
 Positive behaviors are encouraged through likes and badges (we hope you fi=
nd the badge names both familiar and amusing) . We gently, constantly educa=
te members in a just-in-time manner on the universal rules of civilized dis=
course<>. Many of you (ISOP me=
mbers and former ACoP Attendees) will have received receive an email from t=
he site that will allow you to register as a "member". If you are interesti=
ng in posting longer articles with links, etc, tht require more editing rig=
hts, or are interested in moderating, leave a message for the administrator=
 on the site.

Our goal is to foster an uninterrupted and open discussion amongst the glob=
al pharmacometrics community. We have created a number of broad categories =
to help you organize your topic, but feel free to create or discuss any top=
ic that you think fits within the realm of our discipline, or even how our =
discipline interacts with others. Along with your contributions, the ISOP E=
ducation and Technology Committees will also be adding new topics, tutorial=
s and videos to the site on an ongoing basis, so that the site stays fresh =
and vibrant.

Our success in this open forum depends on your support and your engagement.=
 We hope you enjoy and become a frequent contributor to this discuss.go-iso=<>!

Vijay Ivaturi, ISoP Education Committee Chair
Timothy Nicholas, ISoP Technology Committee Chair
Brian Corrigan, President, ISoP

Received on Sun Feb 07 2016 - 15:59:49 EST

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