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Generating TAD with ADDL dosing format

From: de Almeida, Camila <Camila.deAlmeida>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 11:45:58 +0000


I was wondering if I could get some guidance from this great group. My issu=
e is primarily with some diagnostic analysis, but this is taking me back to=
 an old NONMEM problem.

My aim is to run a VPC on a model I implemented, and if possible change the=
 idv to TAD instead of TIME. The reason for that is the VPC graph based on =
TIME looks dreadful as the data is sparse and from different studies of dif=
ferent lengths.

I'm having issues generating the TAD output column from my NONMEM run. I na=
ively assumed I could easily do that, but looking at the NONMEM archives it=
 seems this gets tricky when your dosing events are written using ADDL. Has=
 anyone ever managed to find a solution for this? And if not, is there an a=
lternative way to run the VCP on TAD, do we really need to get this column =
from NONMEM's output?

Thanks all,

Camila de Almeida, PhD
PKPD Scientist,
Modelling & Simulation, IMED Oncology DMPK
AstraZeneca UK Limited
R&D, Innovative Medicines

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