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Re: ASCO and pharmacometrics

From: markus joerger <markus.joerger>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2016 18:55:34 +0200

dear Naoto, dear Community,

This is indeed an issue as important as difficult. As a medical oncologist
and convinced 'pharmacometrician', I see the 'gap' between good PKPD-data
and the difficulties implementing these data into treatment algorithms for
cancer patients. We had a poster presentation submitted to ASCO-2016
similarly refused; the data show a clinically important drug-drug
interaction between a taxane and a small molecule in development, an
information of high interest to the community involved in the development
of These specific anticancer drug/drug combinations. In my humble opinion,
there has to be a 'politically active' group of oncologists to support
these topics at larger oncology meetings, as only this will result in the
implementation of the knowledge generated from PKPD-modeling into
anticancer drug research.

best regards,

Markus Joerger MD-PhD ClinPharm
Dep. of Medical Oncology&Hematology
Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen
CH-9007 St.Gallen
Phone: +41-765591070
Fax: +41-714946325
SAKK - New Anticancer Drugs Group

2016-04-06 3:38 GMT+02:00 Naoto Hayashi <neohayashi

> Dear all,
> I have a question and appreciate it if somebody can answer to me.
> We had submitted an abstract to ASCO annual meeting presentation 2016, an=
> its contents included a pharmacometrics work of quantitative safety profi=
> analysis of an anticancer drug. The behave of the safety index time
> courses is very unique and its results showed a very high usefulness of
> this drug. The abstract also included the table of population PK/PD
> parameters that expressed its nature, and it was compared with the simila=
> older drug safety profile and demonstrated very high safer profile
> quantitatively.
> I have some experiences to publish some articles of population PK/PD work
> in several clinical pharmacology journals in the past, and I was so
> confident for just a poster presentation in ASCO. However, the judgment
> was “publication only”, i.e. just presentation in online =
but no poster
> presentation and no official record of publication officially.
> So, my question is whether pharmacometrics work is difficult to be picked
> up in ASCO presentation. Or, was my work evaluated to have no worth to b=
> presented even in poster session because the pharmacometrics works
> presented in ASCO are having very high level?
> I have never visited ASCO before, and I just want to hear opinions about
> how much of importance is considered for pharmacometrics work in ASCO.
> Thanks a lot in advance for your comments/thoughts.
> Best regards,
> Naoto Hayashi

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